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Course Reserves

Course Reserves provides students with access to print or electronic materials selected by Texas A&M faculty and instructors for use in specific courses.

Print Reserves are set aside for classes at:

  • Media & Reserves Services, Evans Library and Annex: Annex 1st floor
  • West Campus Library: 1st floor
  • Medical Sciences: 1st floor
  • Policy Sciences & Economics Library

Login to Course Reserves to see what is available for your class (print and electronic material)

Attention Faculty and Course Instructors
The Texas A&M University Libraries has introduced electronic reserves guidelines that give faculty and course instructors more flexibility when using electronic reserves for instructional purposes. To learn more, watch our short promotional video and follow the steps below to get started:

  • Review the Guidelines: Review the rules and procedures found in the Fair Use Assessment - Principles & Scenarios: Guidelines for Electronic Course Reserves Materials (Guidelines) and assess your course material based on the guidelines.

  • Login to Electronic Reserves to Certify: By certifying, you will be indicating that you understand and will follow the Guidelines. Your act of certification will then enable Course Reserves staff to process material for your classes.

    Note: Certification is required once every 12 months. Once certified, you will no longer be presented with the Certification screen until your next annual recertification.

  • Request your Materials: Once certified, you are now ready to contact Course Reserves so we can begin to process electronic materials for your classes.